Frontier Experience or Epistoloary Sesquipedalian Lexiphanicism from the Occident
by J.E.L. Seneker
Edited by Thomas Ryan Stone


Seneker's Preface

Editor's Preface


Book Press


Book Press

"An 'Unwonted Opuscule' or, an 'Unusual Little Book' in which Tom Stone '95 resurrects a family gem and a treasure of little-known words"
Rochester Review, September-October 2009, Vol. 72, No. 1
By Karen McCally

"Book Focuses On Obscure Words, More"
Bristol Herald-Courier, October 22, 2009
By Joe Tennis

"Grandpa's Prank Sends Fairport Man on Personal Journey"
Faiport-ER Post, Feb. 7, 2009
By Denise M. Champagne

Thomas Stone, Editor of the 2008 edition
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